Rooster that doesn't crow?


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May 30, 2008
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I have what might be a silly question. We have a relatively small backyard flock. Two SLW, 1 BR, 6 BO, 4 EE's, and 4 Aussies. Everyone but the Aussies (purchased from a local egg seller going out of business) were born Spring 2009. None appear to be marked much different than the others in their breed, except for one BO that is much bigger and darker than the rest and an EE that is larger than the other three. I am convinced that we have had fertilized eggs (one red spot in some eggs) and yet we have not heard one single crow! Is it possible to have a rooster that doesn't crow? Or is there another explanation for the red spots in our eggs? (Also, several of our hens have missing feathers on the backs of their necks, like they might be "preferred" more than the others) Thanks!!


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Red spots do not indicate fertility. It is probably a meat or blood spot. I've attached a link to pix. There is also a link to some pix of fertile eggs, showing the Bullseye. Yes the missing feathers can indicate they are well liked. I believe all roosters crow, but some maybe not as much. Post pixs in the What breed section and the experts here will help you figure it out. Good luck


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