Rooster to Hen Ratio


9 Years
Jun 1, 2010
What would be the best Hen to Rooster ratio. I have heard you dont want to many roosters in with your Hens beause they will just fight the whole time. I plan on doing from 100 to 200 chickens. Also if i get up to the 200 range should i seperate them and make 2 seperate flocks?
I've heard from local farmers here that only one rooster is needed for every 20 hens. But I've also read people who have had a slightly higher ratio with no problems. I had four roosters for 15 hens and that was very hard on the hens. Now I have two with a growing hen population and things are much smoother.
The ratio is 1 rooster to 10 hens. Alot depends on cerumstances if one is breeding one does the 1 to 3 ratio. If in a flock 1 to 10 ratio. If the chickens are free ranging and not in a pen or enclosure then it will vary depending on the roosters flock. If you re raising meat chickens that are penned, and by the sound of it that is what you are doing. It will not matter since they are dead by 12 weeks old. If they are in a pen or enclosure then that changes everything. You would not want alot of roostrs in a building with so many hens. You would have alot of fights. If you are not planning on breeding then do not worry about the roosters.
Thanks for setting my advice straight, cybercat. Why would the locals think 1 to 20 is a good ratio?

I wouldn't call myself a "breeder" but I've successfully hatched and kept alive 17 chicks from 24 eggs (and that includes my learning curve early on). Most of the time I had 4 roosters to my 15 hens. I'm pretty sure every egg was fertilized.

Now that I only have 2 roosters will egg fertilization be a problem?
Not sure why they would say 1 to 20 ratio. It is way to many for 1 rooster. 2 to 15 you will be fine. In the wild I have always seen the wild turkeys at 2 to 10 to 12. When free ranging chickens most of the time rooster have a smaller flock then 10. i know mine only attends to 5 to 7 of the girls. As a result we have new rooster coming in now so that we have 4 here. I have 22 hens.

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