rooster trying to kill pullets

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    Apr 29, 2007
    I have 6 , 8-9 week old pullets that i had in a very large brooder,the tempature outside is in the mid 80's and theyre running out of room in thier
    brooder so i moved them outside into a 6'x8' x 4' makeshift chicken house(2x4's square box,with 2x6" bottom rails,and chicken wire sides and roof) the 1 yr old rooster that i have is on the outside of the box trying to scratch its way in violently,lowering his wings kicking and pecking at the box, i know he cant get in,but im afraid he might peck one of the pullets heads thru the chicken wire.

    Will the rooster ease up on the pullets once theyre mature,or will he get used to them soon?
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    The pullets are still too young to be with the roo. Wait until they are bigger to introduce everyone. It's good that they are able to see each other because it will give them a chance to be together without getting together.
    He'll hopefully ease up when they get older. If he doesn't, you'd have to get rid of him and get a roo that's nice to his ladies.

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