Rooster trying to mate with rooster?


9 Years
Mar 17, 2010
My RIR who's about 10 months old now has very horny tendencies. Is there anyway to curb this?
My mum says that it's a little too late to de-Man him since he's a little too old for that.

We recently got another rooster who's about 3 months old and still noticeably smaller than RIR, and we're trying to put them together because it would be a lot easier for everyone if it were so. And right now, it doesn't look like either one will be dinner or given away to somebody else anytime soon. No hens or other pets present. The RIR has one major issue and it's his urge to mate. He tries to hop on the little one, chasing him around and following him, stalking him, and then biting him on his comb. The little one's scared to death. Yet, the RIR still clucks to the little one, trying to draw him to eat with the RIR and sleep next to the RIR. Once the little one is close, the RIR would grab him.

I'm not sure if I should just leave them together and let them figure things out? But that'll cause a lot of squawking via the little one. Oh yeah, and the little one also has a little chunk of his wattle missing too now when we attempted to just keep them together.

So, I would welcome anybody's advice on this matter on how to get them to peacefully coexist. Perhaps, get the RIR to quit his bisexual mind frame - hopefully it doesn't involve eating one of them, getting rid of one, or getting more chickens.


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Jun 14, 2009
You are kidding right!

Your rooster is not bisexual. Your big rooster is exerting his superiority/dominance over the little rooster.

He could eventually kill the little rooster.


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May 19, 2008
East Bethel MN
They can and will mate with other roosters! I have seen this first hand in my up and coming roos. Duck drakes do it as well. I don't think there is anything you can do to stop it unless you part with one of them.


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Feb 2, 2009
Southeast Louisiana
It is a dominance thing. They are just sorting out the pecking order. Part of the problem could be the age difference too. A three month old may or may not have his hormones coming in. It is difficult mixing chickens of that age difference.

It is possible the older one could kill the younger one, but I kind of doubt it. The age difference does make that more possible though. Since you don't have any hens, the flock dominance issues should not be all that important, so you are dealing more with pecking order issues. The mating behavior and bullying should decrease or stop when they get the pecking order straightened out and the younger one gets his hormones properly kicked in. You'd get the same bullying from mixing two pullets of that age difference, maybe even some of the mounting behavior to establish dominance.

Good luck!


10 Years
Jun 1, 2009
I posted about my 10 mo old trying to kill my 3 mo old roo yesterday. Believe me, he'll finish the job. My older guy was seriously going for the kill.
I gave my younger one to a new home

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