Rooster trying to mate?

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    I thought I would just ask this in a new thread - I have a rooster that is about 16 weeks old who dropped one wing and circled our 6 week old EE then grabbed a chunk of feathers out of its back. We thought he was just trying to dominate since the EE is the leader of the 6 week old flock. Now I read on another thread that this is a mating dance. So was he trying to mate with the EE? Wouldn't that be "jail-bait" [​IMG] On the other hand - wouldn't that mean the EE is a pullet [​IMG]

    He has also been fluffing up and chasing down his hatch mate an RIR who I have been told looks rooish. They have been squabbling on and off all week and the RIR even tried to sleep in their old shed home the other day rather then go in the coop with him. Some days they are all snuggly - some days the RIR literally hides most of the day.

    What does a hen do when she is ready to mate?

    Man - I thought I was past sex ed classes...
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    When a hen is ready to mate, she will squat so he can easily jump on. That usually starts to happen several weeks before egg laying.

    My 7.5 week EE tried to mount the most girlie EE, but she would have none of it. She kept trying to run away from him and when he did get on top, she would sit down butt to floor. (She is only 7 1/2 weeks too). I put him in time out and then told him that if he didn't start behaving, I would cook him up and feed him to the rest of the flock. He hasn't been any trouble since.

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