Rooster turning in circles; off balance and drooping tail feathers


Jul 20, 2016
I have a 5yr old rooster who started looking off balance...took him in and he had a mild mite problem; was treated with 2 doses of ivermectin. Seemed to perk up a little..then started to decline again...have been dusting with DE..doesn't seem to have mites. Tried five days of antibiotic & probiotic..... is continuing to decline...lays down most of the time.....still eating and drinking okay; roosts in the hen boxes instead of on the top roost. Any ideas on what's wrong with him? Or, suggestions on what I should try ? Thanks....
I would treat the entire coop for mites if you haven't. Try rooster booster, electrolytes, & vitamins (chick starter is fine) for a few days. If you have a place to quarantine him during this it would be helpful in administering the vitamins and such, and maybe reduce risk that it spreads to your others birds if it happens to be something more serious...

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