Rooster with 10 week Chicks?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by train2110, Nov 6, 2011.

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    Hello all, we have our second coop up and running. [​IMG] We have now also split our flock with bantams in one coop and standards in the other. Right now we just have one roo, a bantam, who is in with the standard size hens. We want to move him with the bantams. The bantam coop has only two hens raising four 10 week chicks. Is it ok to move the roo in with them? The long range plan is to then get a standard roo for the other coop.

    How old do the chicks need to be to have a one year old roo in with them? Just on a side note, he is their father.

    Thanks all!! [​IMG]

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    There is no one right answer. Most roosters aren't aggressive toward chicks. Some will chase little cockerels around if their little combs are red already and they're fairly large, but all you can do is a test run with you standing nearby. See how he reacts to the youngsters before you commit to the big move.

    I'd say he doesn't know he's their father so that won't really make a difference.
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    It really depends on the rooster. A good rooster will do fine with chicks. You will want to monitor at first of course, just to make sure that he's being a good roo.
    Now, you may have more of a problem in a few months, if some of the chicks are

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