Rooster with a feather growing out of his foot???


In the Brooder
Mar 3, 2015
This is probably a stupid question and I can't get near enough to my rooster to pick him up and inspect it. He doesn't do coddling. But he has a feather that appears to be growing out of his foot. It is one feather. Its not hurting him or anything but I wanted to see if this was normal. He is a Lavendar Orpington about 7 months old.
He is fine. It's either just a feather growing in the wrong spot or possibly somewhere down the line a feather leg breed was crossed in. I wouldn't worry.
Thank you! It taunts me. I just want to grab it and rip it out. But then I started to worry that something was wrong. I appreciate your reponse.
You could pull it out if you want, but if he's not a show bird I wouldn't bother. He doesn't seem to mind it

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