Rooster with a "mohawk"

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  1. Does any one know why my roosters neck is naked? He is a frizzle and had nice looking feathers covering his neck that curled around to his face like a main. In the last two weeks, all the feathers on the side are gone except on the back of his neck. Just like a Mohawk. I caught one hen plucking at him on two occasions. I don't know if she's doing it because the last feathers are just kinda sticking out, or if she's done this to him. Or do roosters molt? The rest of his feathers look normal, and he's not bleeding or anything. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Sounds like you are going to get rid of the feather picker or isolate her away from the roo.
  3. So, do you think that's what's happening? Is that normal for a hen to pick at a roo? He's a very mild mannered little guy, and the hen I saw is a sweety, but she's an Americana and quite a bit bigger than him. My other Americana must be his favorite because I've noticed the base of her tail feathers getting torn up. A saddle maybe in order, don't know. Could there social dynamics be out of wack or something? Could there be another reason he's loosing the feathers?
  4. Anymore advice out there on this issue? There's another thread in the injury section about this same thing. Others need help too:)
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    i would deff. say that the hen pecking at the roo is a good possibility especially if she is higher in the pecking order.....i have had some mild mannered roos and some dominant hens took advantage of it....
  6. So, what's the best course of action to keep the peace? I don't want to get rid of any of them.
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    I got pinless peepers for my meanies!!! I figure it was either the peepers or the crock pot! so far its working on the big girls. no pecking each other any more! I even got the most eggs today I have gotten in 3 weeks. 3. I am hoping that they all start to lay better since they are not stressing out about getting thier bums pecked
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    Hi, I was the one who posted about featherless neck in the disease section. I never got an answer so I tried again with photos today (What's wrong with these hens (photos)?). One person suggests this as molting.

    Also if it is not molting, I'm already trying to enlarge their run (it got reduced by the snow and winter), feed them fruits and veges especially greens, sunflower seeds, and I'm thinking of adding to their protein somehow.

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