Rooster with attachment issues in the city, please help!

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    May 7, 2009
    I purchased two silkie chicks last month who were so attached at the hip they had to be sold together. Now that their poofs are coming in on their heads I can tell one is a boy (he is also bigger and his feathers are coming in different). I went and got a new standard chick in hopes to ease the pain in 6-8 months when the boy will start crowing but now that chick is just as attached to him! I live in the city and you are not allowed to have roosters, does anyone know how to make a rooster not crow?

    ~I've heard you can keep their coop in the shed overnight and into the morning to trick them and that you can get them fixed.
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    there is no real way to stop them from crowing. If so everyone would have roosters. craigs list or a feed store would rehome him
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    you could get him caponized (spelling?)
    it's just like when you get a dog, cat or horse fixed. it really calms them down and capons seldom crow if ever.

    (EDIT) forgot to add, he obviously won't be able to reproduce after that. so if you plan on getting babies from him you might have to re home him [​IMG]
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