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    May 30, 2016
    Hi, I have a two year old Wyandotte rooster who is having trouble keeping his balance while walking, crowing, etc. At first I thought he was constipated, but he was able to poop tonight. Whenever he crows, walks, or bends over to eat food he stumbles or falls backwards. He seems to be alert and his eyes are clear, comb is a normal color. We did have a few days in the 90s this weekend (the hottest it's been for a year), but he didn't seem to have heat stroke or anything while it was actually hot out. The hens are not exhibiting these symptoms, although one of them was breathing heavily with her mouth open today (and it wasn't normal panting). Has anyone encountered this issue before/know of anything that might help? Thanks in advance.
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    I just went through a bout of fowl n pox and my chickens are still healing up. I have no idea if this is the same problem but one of my roosters that got it first started with walking around like he was drunk. I've babies him and nursed him hourly. He's way better and for the most part acting healthy but he hasn't been able to lift his upper body anymore. His legs are really strong but he has no use of his wings and upper body. It was a virus that caused it. Your chicken may have a virus???
  3. frosthollowfarm

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    May 30, 2016
    How did you treat your rooster and how many days did it take to notice improvement in his symptoms?
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    I'm sorry for not responding to your question "frosthollowfarm". I'm not always able to answer my emails, messages, etc. quickly. It has been over a month but I can give an update or late answer none the less. My rooster, Pacu had loss use or control of his body and was very weak but seemed to still be hungry and willing to eat so it was worth a try to save him since my chickens are pets before anything else like all of my other animals. I've brought a rabbit, a guinea pig,and Pacu among other animals back to health from near death but it required constant hands on, morning til night... nursing, medicating, and feeding by hand. Not everyone has the time to do so.....So, to answer your question: I'm not a vet or a vet tech but I have 2 amazing exotic animal vets that have taught me a lot over the last several years. I'm the crazy animal lady who always has 50-65 pets of different breeds...........the first thing I did was acquire the Fowl Pox vaccine (it took a few days because it was on back order)..I vaccinated him along with my other chickens that weren't already immune or vaccinated.

    . I hand fed and watered Pacu every 30 to 60 minutes. I overindulged him with everything he was willing to eat. I gave him pro-biotics and vitamins in his water along with Vet RX. I also rubbed Vet RX on his legs and feet 2-3 X'S a day for circulation and stimulation. Whether or not that helped, I don't know but he seemed to like the love and attention which is really important. It was touch and go for a week or so but he started showing bits of improvement each day after that. After 2 maybe 2 1/2 weeks he had regained all of his strength, including in his legs but didn't seem to have any balance or coordination back but he never quit trying so I kept working with him. He was determined to walk again. Pacu is a thick heavy Dominiquer so it took a lot of work but he had to completely learn to walk again and balance his heavy upper body.
    Pacu is now walking and back in the yard with the other chickens altho he'll probably never be back at the top in the head-rooster position again. I guess your decision of whether or not you're willing to do all of this to save a chicken is a personal choice but I've met a lot of dedicated chicken lovers on this site Luke myself that wouldn't hesitate to do so. Pacu's not the "BIG MAN ON CAMPUS" anymore but when I hold him now he lays his head under my chin on my neck and closes his eyes and relaxes like a baby in his Mama's arms. [​IMG]
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    Jan 4, 2012
    Make sure your birds have lots of water and put them in a shaded area....
    When you see a bird gasping with their mouth open on hot days.... get them water immediately
    and take them to a cool spot, even if its inside your home. cool them down , put them
    in a sink and get them wet....
    let them cool down.... give them frozen peas....
    Your rooster may have gotten heat stroke.....
    I'd keep him cool, and find a place he can rest....give him poly vi sol without iron....
    he may recover with some tender loving care.... =)
    If it wasn't the heat and is something else, I'd still make him rest and care for him...

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