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  1. Wyverntales

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    Oct 22, 2015
    Hi I have a light sussex rooster that when he was given to me his leg had been broken, put in a basic splint and bent on an odd angle. I adjusted the 'splint' as I saw fit. (I thought it was on too tight.) His break and wound healed nicely, though unfortunately he is left with a leg bent on an odd angle. The original injury was caused from being stepped on. Still has movement in his foot. He seems happy enough and has two hens for company. He hops about easy enough and can move quite quickly considering. In defense (age thing) he will bite and does some form of chicken martial arts without using spurs... He gets to free range and scares the neighbours cats... Not to mention door knockers.. The only real problem he seems to have is other than being as fast as the girls, is that he can't roost. He's taken over a dog kennel. Dog didn't use it anyway... I only worry if sitting rather than perching could be a problem for him. Trying to think up alternative coop plans for him. Ramps I think may pose a problem but I have caught him jumping up onto a surface over 40cm high with seeming ease.. Any ideas or suggestions? Or even similar stories?

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    Welcome to BYC. Try making him a short roost about 18 inches high, and place him on it after dark if he does not try it out. He may not like roosting or it may cause pain. I would recommend using 2x4 lumber for the roost, with the wide side up which may be more comfortable.
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    Oct 18, 2015
    Thank you for this. I have a very young French Black Copper Maran rooster with a similar issue. Hadn't thought about the roosting issue but can certainly add some roosts of varying dimensions to give him some options.


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