Rooster with eye pecked out?


Jan 20, 2018
Northern Illinois
Hello everyone. A few days ago, while cleaning one of my coops, my favorite rooster, Telemachus, walked in and I noticed his left eye was swollen shut. I picked him up and checked it out, and it was very swollen. I saw a scab by his eyelid, and thought it was sealing the eye shut and that I should let it heal. Yesterday, I checked on him and the eye was still the same. I checked out his eye again, and this time tried to open it because I thought it may be the solution. He seemed to be in a lot of pain, and from what I saw, in the eye socket was dark brown mush. I'm thinking he got his eye pecked out while fighting, since I have too many roosters and need to unload some. What do you guys think happened? Was his eye pecked out? Will it ever heal? What should I do to treat his injury and prevent pain? Sorry for all the questions, I just really want him to get better. :( I'm not sure if this matters, but he is acting somewhat normally aside from not having vision in his eye. Also, if pictures are needed I can try to get a few today during chores. Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks!
I had a hen get her eye pecked out years ago because I knew nothing of chicken integration. She healed up fine after a few weeks and lived with one eye. I personally would leave your rooster alone and let it heal up without intervention, chickens are good at it.
Thanks! One of my biggest worries is infection. He's a healthy bird, however, so he will probably pull through.
If you're sure the eye is gone just let him be, if it was still in there keeping the lid moist with Neosporin or petroleum jelly so it wouldn't heal shut would be advised. But if its gone he'll heal up and be just fine. :)
Thank you! Is the brown gooey substance in the eye a sign it's completely gone or is it just swelling from the injury? I didn't get a good look at it so I couldn't tell if the eye was completely gone or not.
I forgot to add in my post, pics would be a great help here! If we can see what it looks like, we can better help figure out what is going on in there.

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