Rooster with runny nose and powder stuff on crown?


10 Years
May 26, 2009
Hi everyone ok my new rooster that is close to a year old I think the lady said and hes an Araucana well I noticed when we got him friday that his crown looked like it had powder sprinkled on it but with him riding in a cagein the back of the truck we thought maybe it was cold well then the other day I think it was saturday I noticed he had a runny nose and I thought maybe watery eyes and my husband was like no he was just drinking water well last night I checked again and he does have a runny nose and still powdery looking stuff on his crown and from what I can see he acts and eats normaly but hes up at my husbands parents land so I normally only see him at about 7-8 o clock at feeding time during the week so hes normally roosting but I did see him hop down for some scratch when I gave him some last night so with him acting normal and stuff and me being new to the hobby I dunno whats wrong any answers or advice?

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