rooster with swollen infected sinuses(?), twisted head and lethargic:(

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    Aug 20, 2011
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    Well hi everyone, this is my first post and I'm sorry to say its a sad one. I returned home from a week long vacation to a VERY sick silkie roo...Petsitter didn't notice any problems because of his heavy feathering I guess. Anyhow, I came home Wednesday to my poor guy's right eye bulged out of his head, reeking from infection. It seems to be in both eyes so I'm not sure if it's his sinuses? I'm very new to this hobby and made the bad decision to not quarantine [​IMG] I took him to a friend last night who pressed on the swollen areas around his eyes, which caused infection to leak into his mouth which we cleaned out. He is obviously quite painful, isn't eating and is rubbing his head on his shoulder. We did force feed him some Kaytee Exact hand feeding formula yesterday and I managed to get some mash into him tonight (ill have more kaytee tomorrw). I've been adding Terramycin powder to his water and the mash, and he's also getting terramycin ointment twice daily in his eyes. Honestly, I'm surprised he's still alive. The friend I took him to has been in the hobby for 20years and she thinks its NewCastle disease. I've read NOTHING positive about outcome of this, but I also haven't found alot of information via first hand experience.

    Sorry for the novel, I love my little roo. I live in the city and can't (technically:) have roo's but this guy has a crooked beak so therefore can't crow. I've isolated him from the other birds and have started treating them preventatively (for what it's worth) with terramycin. PLEASE help, ANY input is appreciated. I don't have much to go on....

  2. Not sure but maybe Corzya? What does he smell like? Apparently it will smell like a dead rotting animal. If it is Corzya, the best option is Corzya since he will most likely remain a carrier and infect your other birds.

    it is Newcastle disease the bird will need to be culled, since there is no treatment for it.

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