In the Brooder
Jul 13, 2016
So I hatched 10 out of 12 eggs two days ago. I have one lovley chick whose behavior seems like a cockerel to me. It's really funny actually. He walks taller than the rest and for no reason throughout the day he leans back and flaps his wings and peeps loud enough to hear through my house. What do you think?
Hard to tell...I had a chick that was taller, tail feathers grew in late and acted completely different than my little pullet, and turned out to be a female. lol BUT, anything is possible.
Ha! It's just funny. The chick isn't much taller than it's twin but it keeps it's neck straight up when walking between other chicks. I might band that one just to see if my suspicions are right. It's so funny thinking he might be feeling his masculinity 48 hours from hatch.

Here's our baby I knew was a boy from the start. He always stood a lot taller than everyone else with his chest puffed out. I called him Little Boy Blue and I was right. But then again I had two cochin bantams I could've sworn were boys but they are gorgeous, super friendly, fearless little pullets. I'd stick a band on your chick and just see if your gut feeling is correct. It's always fun to see.

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