10 Years
May 22, 2010
I am in need of a rooster, and ideally what I would like is a colorful (multi colorful), friendly, good disposition (have a 6 y/o daughter, 10 y/o son) and if at all possible, a quieter cackle to hang around and breed with our hens. I am new to chickens but am looking to obtain a small (8-10 hens) colorful yet friendly good laying flock of br, bo, ba, rir, glw, slw and ee...wife and daughter would like a silkie as a pet/mother as well. Is this a realistic request?
I am looking forward to them being egg layers, pets, some being mothers and just another project/hobby for me and my family to enjoy. We have 6 acres in the country so space is not a problem. I am in the process of designing our coop, thinking 8x8 with an approx. 20x20 run as well as some free range when we are home/in the yard and can keep them out of the gardens.

This site is fantastic, and my daughter and I are like kids at Christmas wanting to get started.

Started new thread, I am not looking to buy one right now, I am just looking for recommendations for one based on the above wants.

Thank you everybody.
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Roosters are free - or can be - I have one you can have - but I don't know where you are.

He is a 2 yr old banryard mix named Russel Crowes - very friendly, beautiful red color with a white tail.

PM me if you are anywhere near Dunlap IL.
Hi Gage,

PM a moderator and ask them to move this thread to Items Wanted To Buy, which is where it should normally be. Be sure to include your location in the title! Makes a world of difference.

For instance, I am in southeastern SC- I have roosters, very handsome and colorful blue ones, in need of a home. But if you are in CA, it won't work.

Glad you could join us here at the chicken candy store!
Im in Hamilton (by Ft. Benning/Columbus) a bit of a drive but not too far! When your ready feel free to come by our "backyard"
I think I have what your looking for, colorwise and personality!!

Edit: I have BRxRIR (with a crele pattern, beautiful!), BLRW, EEs, Silkies, Cochins, RIR, Buff Orpingtons, BL Polish, D' Uccles, ETC!
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