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Sep 17, 2010
Well hello everyone my mean ole RIR attacked my 4 yr old grandson today one thing me but not him!!!! Well he was taken care of today first time we had killed a chicken my question is why his is meat so dark? He was about a year old I will be cooking him in a couple of days just wondering why that meat was so dark.. Thank you



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Jan 13, 2008
Howard City, Michigan
If you're used to eating store birds or Cornish X's, other birds will be darker, especially at that age. They get much more use out of their muscles, for a lot longer, which makes the meat darker.

Tropical Chook

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Jul 5, 2010
Well, it seems you have just seen what real chicken actually looks like........welcome:thumbsup

As someone has already pointed out, there's a vast difference between home raised chickens and the junk you buy in the stores. Sure the meat may be darker, but providing you cook it right, it has so much more flavor.

I once bought a frozen duck at the store and while it was okay, I didn't think it was worth the extra money because it was nothing special. Yesterday we slaughtered a Muscovy drake of five months, and wow, what a difference compared to the store bought one. I have already has some tasty stir fried duck this morning and it's delicious. Just yesterday I was saying I'll never get anymore ducks once both of our are gone, but I've just changed my mind.

About your rooster................I have found some tend to taste more "gamey" than others but I suppose there is a way to get around that. Personally, I LOVE the taste of home grown, but then again, I love eating venison as well.

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