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Jul 5, 2009
We have 13 two year old hens, they were happy and doing well. Today my husband came home with a Rooster from a friend that said that he had an extra one. He put it in with the girls and things went crazy. The girls are now all outside in 30 degree weather and he is inside making all kind of noise. This is what I came home to!!! What should I do tonight? Make the girls go inside even if they don't want to? They seem to be OK outside. I gave them food and water and the sun is shinning. Perplexed and need advice.
Well, first of all, he made a huge mistake by not quarantining the rooster away from the hens for a month so you could see if any diseases rear their heads. I'd remove that bad boy and put him in a dog crate or something and let the hens get used to him gradually after quarantine is over. The only adult bird I ever bought was a 10 month old rooster and he was in quarantine in a dog crate for 5 weeks, till I was sure he didn't have any diseases to pass on to the girls. He was wormed and we had to kill lice he had on him.

Keep him out till you can treat for lice/mites and worm him, then after four or five weeks, introduce him with a fence between him and the ladies or put the dog crate where they can see him and get used to his presence.
After the quarantining period, when it gets dark, take the rooster in and put him on the roosts with the girls. Putting chickens together at night and letting them come out in the morning together is a better way to introduce them and help them to bond.

Seeing that he has been in with the girls for over 5 hours and they now seem to be going in and out (only the brave ones) is it to late if he has something bad to separate them and how in the world do I catch him. My husband says that he knows this guy and his chickens and they are all healthy.
He just had 5 roosters and did not want them all.
Thank you all for your imput. I will go out there and try to catch the little monster and return the coop to the girls. That's why I love BYC you always can find answers from helpful fellow chicken owners:thumbsup

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