5 Years
Apr 22, 2014
We have 12 pullets that are coming up on 10 weeks old. Recently we have noticed that one of out little cochin is getting a much larger comb and its deeper red than any of the others. it does not have tallons and it does not crow. Is this little "hen" a rooster?

We have 2 cochins, 3 rhode island red, 3 dutch bantam, 3 orpington and a sussex mix. none of the others have a comb like the black cochin but they are all between 9-10 weeks.

its not the best pic but it's a fast little chick lol

I am really hoping he is a rooster. We thought his red speckled sister would be due to her attitude as a chick. Lol
Though they apear to be a bit thicker than its sisters were having a hard time telling by the legs. They are exceptionally fluffy. Fluffier than our other cochin.
I was hoping that maybe one of our minis (Dutch bantom) would be a rooster too but I don't want them to fight. Then again I'm not even sure they are really chickens lol j/k. They are extremely tiny though. At 9-10 weeks the smallest one "Tiny" just barely fills my palm. But hey, who cares if they will never be great egg layers or give anymore neat than the average chicken nugget, they're cute right? The second pic was taken at 2 weeks old. The black little poofs are the "minis" =)

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At 10 weeks I would say that he might be a rooster based on the redness. Every now and then you might get a girl like that too. I'd give it a little more time. My roo didn't crow until he was four months, so it's different for everyone
Hi :)

Note: this is a guesstimate and I am no expert but having 9 week old Pekin (Bantam Cochins) and 4 boys out of 5; based on comb size, I am going to say pullet.

Please let us know when you know

This little guy started to crow at 8 weeks:

This is his sister at 8 weeks:


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