#roosterparanoia Hens or Roosters?


7 Years
Aug 2, 2016
Prescott AZ
hey are about 20wks old. I tnkifht I heard a crow but I'm not sure. Mostly clucking. Only one mystery hen is laying small brown egg with some white spotting.
Thank you all so much! I'm surprised how much I enjoy spending time with them. The first red- Henrietta, I think she's laying, do eggs start off smaller when they're younger?

Also, do the bearded ladies look like true Ameracaunas? The feed store had them as that, by ive heard sometime they are mixed and actually EE.
Yep, eggs often start off small. Takes a few months to hit their peak, depending on the breed.

And your colored eggers are Easter eggers. One won't find true Ameraucana from feed stores. EE are wonderful birds, though. I love the variety of colors of the birds themselves, and the range of egg colors.
pullet eggs usually start out small and may have some imperfections. Practice makes perfect, give it time to work out kinks in the system.

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