Roosters getting along

Will my three six monh old roosters ever get along. There are plenty of hens for all of hen.
By "plenty of hens", how many hens exactly do you have? You only need one roo for approx. 10 hens, so if you have 30+ hens the keeping of 3 roosters would be alright.
Last year I culled roosters down to 2, had massive bloody fights, and rehomed one of them over winter. Until May had that 1 roo to 14 hens. After obtainiIng a number of chicks now I have 32 hens and 10 roos. Since my first year I've heard that one roo is okay, 3 or more is okay, just two is bad. Due to wanting to breed next year, I want to keep at least 3 but more likely 4. Is there any truth to having more than 3 is okay? I don't want to be in the middle of the coming winter and have 3-4 fighting to the death roosters. The enclosed coop is 96 sq feet with an additional 625 sq feet secured outdoor area. thanks for your advice.
Honestly, it depends on the roosters. What breed are your roosters? I keep multiple roosters for breeding purposes, and it almost always works fine for me. Generally they will figure out which one is dominant, and the other one will stay out of his way. I've only had one issues with a father/son cohabitating. The son beat the living crud out of his father, and I had to rehome the father rooster. He would not submit to his son, and it would have ended his life.

The exception to all of this is some Game breeds you cannot house roosters together.
The roos I'm interested in keeping would be Lavender Ameraucana, RIR, BCM, OE - one of each. My red sex-linked roo was very aggressive last year and my white leghorn is current dominant male- pretty aggressive toward me. thanks for advice.

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