Roosters keep wanting to mate call duck!


9 Years
Jun 19, 2010
Fogo Island, NL
I have several barred rock and mixed standard-sized roosters. I also have a small brown call duck. For some reason, the roosters rarely mated with the chickens and always went after the duck. I have since removed the duck after I saw feathers ripped out of the duck's head.

Why would the roosters want to mate the duck rather than the chickens? Especially a small call duck?
Maybe it was not a mating thing? maybe the boys were offended by the ducks and it was a pecking order thing? maybe i should keep my mouth shut as i have no idea and so am no help to you....sorry!
They think she is a puuurrrty duck.
Our roosters did the same thing when we had just the one female duck. I got a drake and it stopped. There was no one there to protect her from the roo's so they tormented her. At one point our little girl wouldn't come to no one, and became very unfriendly.

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