Roosters leg is bowing out to the side when he walks on it


7 Years
Oct 20, 2012
new to byc and to chickens in general. We have 5 golden laced wayadottes they all were supost to be pullets but got 3 boys and 2 girls instead. They are about 6 months old now. We just had to cull two of the boys because they were starting to get overly aggressive and biting my young daughter. We keeped the calmer roo. After we got done butchering the other two my wife noticed that our good roo's leg was bowing to the outside when he was walking on it. Seems to be making a > shape from hip to his foot with his "knee" being the part bowing away from his body . He seems to be able to walk on it and is not standing on one leg or anything. Not sure if he got hurt fighting with the other two more aggressive roo's or what. Any ideas on what this could be or treatments would be Vary helpfull.

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