roosters or hens???


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Sep 17, 2008
Help - we ordered 25 pullets in May and many of our chickens don't seem to be ladies! They are 16 weeks old. I have some pictures and would appreciate any input.
I see alot of roosters...sorry

1st pic is roo, 2nd pic "looks" roo, 3rd is roo on the left, 4th is a roo, 5th is a roo, 6th "looks" roo and the 7th is a roo.
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3 hens
6 roo's is my guess! Sorry too

What do you think Tuffoldhen?

Didn't count the ones partial photo or in the back. Figured 6 was enough
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I see one pullet for sure and that's the black on the right in picture 3 not sure about the one in the back of picture 2 and picture 6 "might" be a pullet but I see saddle feathers I think!...
Thank you for the help - we may have received more roosters than hens! We ordered day old chicks from our local feed mill. Is there a better way to get the hens that we want?
If you had order pullets I would complain to the local feedstore that it's not what you received... A bigger hatchery like McMurray, Cackle or Welp (sp) to name a few has pullets that you can order in early Spring from the breeds you would like, they also do Straight Run which means usually half pullets and half roosters and then they have deals on cockerals which are males...Most big hatcherys can help you out with pullets, they cost more than straight runs...they sell these as day olds and ship them out as soon as they have a hatch and are sexed by experts, sometimes a cockeral will get thrown in the mix tho....
I think the picture of the two black chickens looks like one roo(on left) and one pullet(on right). Picture 6 also looks like a pullet to me, but I am no expert. However, that is a pretty large red comb it has goin' on - so could be a roo.

Some farm stores will order pullets if you ask them and tell them exactly what you want(breed and gender and quantity). But direct from the hatchery would probably be your best bet. We got kinda fortunate with our chicks. They were all supposed to be pullets, but I was worried that we might have received some roos in the mix. Early next spring we plan on ordering from a hatchery directly and splitting the order with a couple neighbors. That also cuts the cost if that is an issue.
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The only hen I see is the black one standing with the black rooster. All the others are roos, IMO.
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