Roosters or Pullets?


8 Years
May 24, 2011
So, I'll admit I've always been kind of a paranoid person. I get something in my head and blow it way out of proportion. Lately that has been the thought that I've got a flock full of roosters and no hens. One that I know was a roo was attacked and killed by a dog the other day and after that heartache I realize I need to start distancing myself from the chickens I'm ultimately going to have to cull. Unfortunately I have no idea how to sex chickens and the time for ordering chicks is almost up so I'm getting very nervous. If any of you could help I'd really appreciate it.

Chicken 1 (Mykky)

Chicken 2 (Skye)

Chicken 3 (Mean. Yup, its name is just mean, cause it is.)

Chicken 4 (Rally)

Chicken 5 (Wild Child)

I'd like to have 6-8 laying hens and need to know how many to order from the hatchery. Thank you very much.
How old are your birds? Knowing their age is key in evaluating certain characteristics as the difference of just a few weeks can make a difference in whether certain things would mean pullet or cockerel.
Just at first blush and w/out the benefit of age I would put mykky, rally and wild child on the pullet list. Mean and skye are on my questionable/cockerel list.
I dont know chicken number three reminds me of my hen who turned out to be a roo. Was late to learn cockadoodling too

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