roosters with severely frostbitten combs

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    I have some roosters that are pastured. So they do get some wind, even though their coop has a roof. Almost all of the single-combed roos exhibit some frost damage on their combs. The problem: my one Barred Rock rooster actually has no comb points left. They just blackened and fell off. [​IMG] My question is: will the comb points regrow?

    Also, I've heard that roosters have problems with infertility the spring after they've had frostbitten combs. Will roosters with unscathed combs, like Wyandottes, also have this problem?
    I just saw this.

    Roosters with frostbitten combs may be temporarily infertile. But it’s not the frostbite that causes the infertility; it’s the amount of cold that the chicken has been exposed to. Usually fertility is restored after conditions improve and the rooster’s body recovers from the stress.

    Is this true?

    BTW I just looked and, to be sure, the one author is the same as Nifty Chicken. Perhaps I should be careful when asking as to the verity of this? [​IMG] Anyone else have experience on this?
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    Quote:How do you know? The poor roo looks like a Dominique now without his points. Why can't roos exercise some commonsense and tuck their heads under a wing? [​IMG]

    What if, like on the other roos, the points are just black? Will they grow back? Your link claims that blackness means that the tissue is dead. [​IMG]
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    Points that are gone will not grow back. A comb with a black space that is a shallow scab might heal, but that's not the same as growing back.

    I have no idea about the fertility, had never read that.
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    Sorry to say but they wont grow back [​IMG]
    If you get some bagbalm and put on their combs it will help them not to get frostbite and it has a soothing feel to it for the birds. Sounds like you should try and dub them before next year.
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    i have been using vaseline but it doesnt seem to work

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