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Nov 2, 2009
I just got a visit from "county Animal Control" about my rooster crowing! and threatened to give me a citation! he is fairly quiet rooster and does not crow much only rare ocassions ( not as much as some i have had in the past!
any ideas on how to quiet him?
(dinner is NOT and option!)
from Indiana!
I don't know, maybe someone else may?
hmmmm I'm a newbie and don't know much about roosters yet ... but I'm thinking you might want to post this question in a different area instead of 'new member introductions'.
Hello and welcome to a place where you'll get lots of help!

I suggest you post your question in "Local Laws and Ordinances". I'm sure someone there has dealt with the same question. I don't think you can silence a rooster. He's just doing what comes naturally. I wish you the best in this difficult situation.
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Don't know where your from, but if your legal, talk to a lawyer. Seems to me you have a right to know who complained. Could be just someone wanting to cause trouble. Could be anyone not necessarily some one in the neighborhood. If you've had roosters for more than a year or so, w/ no complaints, it's worth checking out. Somebody new move in? If someone new did move in and the realtor didn't tell them there were chickens in the area, then they should take it up w/ the realtor. Might be worth going to court to get a judges ok, if you've lived there for awhile w/ no complaints til now.

"Judge I've lived here for x many years and now the Johnsons moved in and they're complaining". It's something they should have considered before moving next to me. It was obvious I had chickens."

Heck you think I could complain about the school across the street and their marching band practices, or the fact that their stadium lights shine right in my front picture window? Heck I just close the blinds or turn the TV up. The school was here when we bought the house. Heck I'd rather listen to your roo than a stinking barking dog. Take some recordings at different distances from your place and different times of the day and show those to the judge.
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