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    Sep 3, 2013
    Hello everyone, question about my boys. I have noticed they are not crowing nearly as much as they used to these past few months it because of the cold weather and snow ? I hear them sometimes from inside the coop maybe real early in the morning but mainly after that it is silent and usually when I am out feeding them or cleaning their coop the one male crows non stop well lately he hasnt made a noise.. they seem to be acting normal otherwise and no visible problems so I wasn't sure if the cold weather/change of seasons caused this ? I am just so used to them crowing non stop all day I actually kind of miss it.. haha (crazy I know)
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    Did they free range before? I find my rooster usually crows when he wants all his ladies to come to him. Lately, it has been too nasty for them to want to be outside, so all of his ladies are where he can see them and so he doesn't feel the need to crow.
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