roosting bars - distance from wall and height from eachother

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8 Years
Mar 8, 2013
Building a coop from plans drawn by 3 Dimensional Concepts. These bars are attached to wall at a 45 degree angle but the distance between the bars and the distance from the wall seems off. When we do the math the distance between the bottom and top roost are 7 inches, the distance between the bottom and middle roost is 2 inches. Between the middle and top roost there is 5 inches. Does this seem correct? Help! Thanks.

Our coop is about five feet wide. The lower roost (the one they use only to get up to the top roost in the narrow space) is 16" from the back wall and ~16" off the floor. The upper roost (the one they roost on) is 14" from the front wall and 30" off the floor. There are two feet of head (circulation) room above the top roost.

Our largest hen (a Copper Maran) weighs about 8 pounds and she has plenty of room the turn around on the roost though it's a bit tight when she drop off it in the morning but not enough that she has considered jumping towards the back where she would have more room.
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