Roosting bars, sand for floor, nest boxes, and poop boards?


7 Years
Apr 7, 2012
I'm creating a coop out of a 10x10 dog kennel. It will have a tin roof. The back side (blocking the wind) will be covered either with tarp or tin, and 2 sides will be covered halfway. I plan to have branches as roosting bars in one corner, but I was wondering if chickens preferred flat bars, or round. Would there be a way to collect poop from them? Since the coop will have rain blow in the front, or leak a bit under the sides, I do not think I can do the deep litter method. But I don't want to have just poop on the floor. I was thinking of sand (not a deep layer) but how high would I need to have the boards running along the bottom of the coop to keep it in. Would a 2x4 standing up on its side work? I don't want the sand leaking out. If it rains hard, will the sand absorb it, or will it move. If not sand, what should I do for the floor? I am also hanging the nest boxes on the back side of the coop. How high off the ground should they be? I was thinking of using something like a 12 quart dishpan that i found a walmart. Would that be big enough?
Where are you? Temp wise.....

The water needs a way to drain out, and drain out in a way that the sand doesn't go with it.

I would be tempted just to set it up so less rain can get in the coop. Choices would be...

1. Extend the roof overhang
2. Cover the open sides somehow, in some way that doesn't cut down on the ventilation too much. Like an awning or something similar

Exact a guess, a bigger lip would be better, and wouldn't hurt, so I would go for 6"

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