Roosting - Do they gotta??

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8 Years
Apr 19, 2011
Hi all,
I guess I need to understand the reason behind roosting and if and why the chickens need to do this. I have 3 silkies (3 months old) that still sleep on the floor of the hen house. I saw somewhere that once they are a bit older you should place them on the roost at night to get them used to sleeping this way. Is there a certain reason why they need to roost? Or is it OK for them to sleep where and how they choose (which is my thinking...).

Normaly they will do that at first but then they will go to the roost. And it does not matter if they sleep on the floor or roost if they are in a coop.
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The main benefit for them to roost is so they are not standing in poop all night. The other thing to watch is that they usually like to roost in the highest place possible. If that is in your nest box, they poop in there and you get dirty eggs.

Some people have Silkies that do not roost, yet some Silkies roost. As long as they are not in your nest boxes, don't worry about it.
They sleep on the floor in a little corner away from all of the poop (besides their own), I will just be sure to keep it poop free. No one sleeps in the nesting boxes yet, and the roosts are higher than the boxes so looks like I am in the clear!

Make sure they are not UNDER anyone either.. I hear silkies are hard to clean up:rolleyes:

On of mine has started roosting in the top of our coop, which is toataly inside their run, I just didn't notice her rear end poistioned over the door as I peeked in. (I'm only a little annoyed)
Oh geeze!!! Yikes! Nope they are under the nesting boxes which have a shelf that extends over where they sleep so they are in the clear, literally. The roost where the other 6 birds sleep is on the other side of the hen house. And yes, silkies are very annoying in trying to clean
but they are just so dang cute!

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