Roosting height position mean anything?

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    I have some week and a half and 5 day old chicks. This past weekend I put a large branch in for some roosting height. Seems that the two more aggressive/leadership type birds roost on the higher portion of the branch. Does this indicate rank or just preference in how close they like to be to the heat lamp? (FYI- one of the newer chicks is higher than the older roo).
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    I think at this point they may just be trying to get tothe light. However, some chicks are dominant from day one. It's hard to tell. My younger birds, I thought for sure would have trouble from the flock, but NO, now they rule the roost, not the others!
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    I know that my rooster, RED, who rules the roost, does roost on the top limb. I also notice that the favorite hens of the RED are with him on the roost.
    My other rooster, Cap'n Morgan, settles for the lower roost with the rest of the hens.

    I also notice that Red is in charge of everyone during the day, and Cap'n Morgan has the night shift. Funny how that works.

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