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May 17, 2010
Hello everyone!

I'm a first time poster but, as they say, a long time lurker who has benefited from all the fantastic information provided on this website. Thanks to all!

My issue this morning concerns two of my three Golden Comet hens, my only little brood, refusing to return to their roosts at sundown (I own a Catawba Coop style ark).

The other, the alpha hen, leaves the run and returns to roost without fail each and every evening. Until three days ago the other two hens followed the same pattern and had followed it for several weeks (I purchased the hens in April).

Even when coaxing them into their roosts the last few evenings these two hens refuse to cooperate, jumping back down from the ramp, preferring instead to remain on the ground.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Is it the heat perhaps?

Thanks in advance!

Update: all of them slept on the ground last night including Leader One. Puzzling.
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Perhaps Miss Alpha is being mean to them? That would be my first thought.

I've had the same problem the last several nights. I don't know where you are in the country, but in Kentucky sunset has gotten noticeably later -- I know it gets later every day, but it seemed to be around 8:55-9:00 for a while, then all of the sudden it was more like 9:15-9:20. Give your girls a bit more time, and they should go in on their own. I am giving mine another 15 minutes, and they eventually make their way in. Just one has needed coaxing the last 2 nights.
Correct. Daylight has lingered much longer than in weeks past and that phenonomenon alone could be a factor in their reluctance to roost.

Even in total darkness, though, all three have remained huddled together in the run. So far, as I have to be in bed before 9, I have had no choice but to let them lie.

I tried placing a small light in the coop area but it seemed to have been of no help either.

I'm befuddled.

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