roosting no more!


7 Years
May 21, 2012
Oakland, CA
My girls just don't seem to want to roost in the new coop! I moved them over to our new house in November and I have tried every possible combination for roosts, but they don't want to use them. My girls used the roost in the last coop, which was smaller than this one. At that time all 5 of them would crowd onto one roost only 3' long!

Our current coop is about 4'x4' with one crate for a nesting box in the corner. Of course they both want to sleep inside the box and they haven't been pooping in there much if at all. I have tried hanging the roost at 12" high, 6" high and currently it is just about 2" off the floor (I thought perhaps they were too lazy, but it seems they prefer to sleep in the box or straw bedding). Nothing seems to help. I am thinking of moving the nesting crate to outside the coop, but I had a hell of a time figuring out how to get them to stop breaking eggs and the crate has solved that problem for now, so I'm hesitant to move it. Ideas? I'm wondering if the coop is just too small and they are afraid to jump up there (or perhaps just too lazy!). I may try a tree branch with multiple limbs next...
Sometimes when it's particularly cold my birds will sleep together in nesting boxes. One of them would use the coop door flap as a blankie on cold nights and she'd hang half in/half out. Is there a window up top that's making it drafty up there?

Have you tried manually placing them on the roost so they know it's there? Is there poor lighting? maybe they can't see the roost at night?

Maybe if you showed a picture of the interior of the coop we could spot some problems.

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