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    Yesterday I built a new coop for some young hens and a roo I want to breed. After I finished it, I put the chickens in the coop for a while and then let them out to free range. My DW and I went to dinner and returned a little after dark. I went to lock everyone up, only to find all the chickens in the new coop area roosting every where but in the coop. It was easy to catch them and put them in. but they wanted nothing to do with the coop. Everytime I put one in one would escape. I gave up and and went in to bed. I left a light on in the coop figuring they might go in later. There is a light on in the old coop. Went out this morning to feed everyone before light and they were still roosting outside. Now it rained off and on all night and looks like snow tonight. I caught all of them and locked them up for the day. Will see if they go in tomorrow night. I don't want them out at night and I don't want them around the other roosters. For these are some nice looking marans with all the right features. Don't want papa rooster with his daughter.
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    When moving chickens to a new coop or area I've found it's best to lock them up, with no access to the outside for a few days, a week would be even better. This re-trains their little brains to accept the new coop as home.

    It may sound cruel, but it's for their own safety and well-being. Chickens that roost outside have a much higher chance of meeting a predator.

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