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    Our 8 chickens are about 10 months old. Have done well outside in the coop and fenced area. Son built a "jungle gym" of limbs between trees so they can sit during the day next to the coop. BUT, in the last 2 weeks they have all decided to sleep on the outside on the limbs instead of going into the coop at night. (We have an electric coop door that closes at 10PM). Tired of putting them into the coop each night. The coop area is fenced and electrified.
    Question: any ideas on how to lure them back into the coop?? OR, OK to leave them outside until winter.
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    No, it's not okay for them to roost outside. Predators can get around electrified fences.

    If they were my chickens I would take down the jungle gym. Chickens want to roost at night. Without a place to roost outside, they should return to their coop to roost.
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    Quote:Roosting outside at night risky unless tree climbing predators and great horned owls have a difficult time getting to birds. Moving outside of previously used roost may related to over crowding or birds getting hot. This time of year my birds, of which some roost outdoors, are spreading themselves out on roost poles and moving to locations with a breeze. My broody hens also prone to take chicks to elevated roost earlier when hot. Heat seems to be an issue with chickens at night.
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    Annandale, New Jersey
    Many thanks for the input.
    Agreement with wife [​IMG] is that jungle gym is covered with a tarp at night as she still wants them to have access during the day for their mental health......[​IMG]
    Tonight is first night in a month that the chickens are all in the coop before the door went down at 10PM.
    We and the chickens can all sleep safely tonight
    Thanks again [​IMG]

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