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    Jul 8, 2010
    We will be moving August of this year. To a new home and land.

    When we move, for the first couple months the chickens will be on only 1-2 acres. For housing, they will have space in a 30x40 barn. The barn will have two 12x12 box stalls and the rest of it will be available for them to roost and shelter. There will be 2x4's all over what is left after two 12x12 stalls are made.

    How many nest boxes should be put up for about 50-75 chickens?

    As I said, for the first couple months, they will be fenced in on 1-2 acres, but after that they will have a minimum of 4 acres to roam on (free range). They will still have the barn for shelter and nest boxes inside it.

    (we are moving to 5.69 acres and have option to purchase an additional 5-11 acres)
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    They say that you can have one nest box per 4 hens, but I would count more like 3 hens per box. Good luck!

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