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9 Years
Apr 28, 2010
some corn field in central il.
hello all. it's been a while since i was here. i am planning out my second flock to order in april or march. i was wondering if anyone has any experience with rose comb brown leghorn roosters. i always like to have a roo in the flock, and this bird looks beautiful in the pictures i've seen, but you can't judge a book by it's cover, right?
i was curious to find out if this breed would work out. do you know if they are rough with the girls or nice guys? i won't have a roo that treads to hard on my chix. any advice would be great. thanx alot.
well, i did a little research. i couldn't find much info other than leghorns, in general, appear to be fairly aggressive. guess i'll just go with whatever free rooster they give me when i order.
I had them for about 8 years and never had an overly aggressive male. Here are some pictures of mine.
Not the best picture with his tail but a decent male

One of my best pullets. Sorry about the eye she blinked. But She was a great bird lived for 14 years!
beautiful bird!!! so, he was pretty nice to the girls (and the humans)? i would love to have a roo that handsome, but i gotta make sure he's a nice guy. can you give me some more info on his temperment? thanx.
All of my males were pretty laid back as far as temper around people. They are Leghorns so a little more flighty (Which I like) compared to many of the meat breeds but not so much so that they cannot be handled. I just dont like a bird that sits around all day (like silkies and cochins, etc)
i had some white ones that i got from the action some one must have hand fed them or something they were very friendly .
any one have pics of the rose comb from ideal are they dark or light.
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IS THE rose comb dominate ?
if i had dark rc and bread to light brown sc would the off spring be dark or light or would if sex link ?
IS THE rose comb dominate ?
if i had dark rc and bread to light brown sc would the off spring be dark or light or would if sex link ?
Rose comb is dominant. If you bred the dark brown and bred it to a light brown, most of the offspring would be light brown since the dark brown is caused by mahogany. So, if your rooster is pure for rose comb, you should get all rose comb light brown birds
I have had the rosecomb Br leghorns and I have now the single comb Br leghorns. The rose comb variety was very curious and friendly whereas the single comb variety I have currently are very flighty and avoid you aggressively. I know there could be many reasons for these differences but I think I see a pattern developing.

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