Rose Petals

Rose pedals are considered edible for humans so I am going to say they are safe for chickens too. However my chicks have had the roses I dead headed in their run and they didn't eat them. They also didn't eat lavender. They love the chard and spinach thinnings from our garden and they do eat dandelions, clover and chamomile but they seem to prefer grass (especailly grass that has seed heads) and some sort of unidentified weed we currently have in abundance.
LMAO!!!....Ok first I have to have a good laugh. The whole "timing" thing when it comes to my chickens has been too coincidental since I started thinking of getting them. It just seem every time I have a question or idea I find someone with the same question within a day either on BYC or even asked by my friends.

Just last night I picked myself a rose because my roses are smelling SO good right now. I wandered around my yard with it for an hour. When I got tired of holding it I decided to toss it into the chicken run. They were away for the night already though.

this morning I went out to check on them and they had not touched the rose. That was a few hours ago and it has been raining ever since so, I have not been back out to see.

LOL....too funny that somebody asked this the very day I did it!
I have quite a few rose bushes around my backyard. I've used them in fancy salads and such and it seems my peeps love to shake my rose bushes to get the petals to fall from spent blooms!
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We have a huge climbing rose on the front of the chicken run. The pullets seem to love the petals and gobble them up when they fall in, however, when I placed some rose trimmings from dead heading the plant in the run they refused to eat them.
I haven't encountered this yet in my yard but a chicken friend of mine ended up caging all of her rose bushes b/c her mini-flock was devouring them so fast!
It's interesting that some chickens eat them and others don't but the important thing is knowing that rose pedals are safe for chickens to eat.
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