Rosecomb Information Wanted--Please respond!


7 Years
Jul 24, 2013
I really love the Rosecomb breed (especially the black variety), and plan to get some to breed and show if I ever have the room. Before making any hasty decisions, though, I would appreciate some information about raising and showing Rosecomb bantams. I posted some questions on the Rosecomb Bantam thread, but that thread doesn't appear to get much traffic, and no one has responded. So I'm posting a few questions here.

1. First of all, what are the most important characteristics of show-quality Black Rosecombs? I've read on the Internet and in the SOP that they should have large, round white earlobes, nicely-shaped rose-combs, and moderately-short backs.

2. Second, how hardy are Rosecombs in heat and cold? Are they susceptible to frostbite in the winter without supplemental heat?

3. What is the best place/way to keep Rosecombs in good health and condition? I've heard that cages will ruin their tails. Is it all right if they have access to the outside?

4. What is their temperament like to both humans and other birds? Are the males prone to fighting, and are they rough with their hens?

5. Are there any special tips on preparing Rosecombs for show and getting them to look their best?

6.When do most Rosecombs (both cockerels and pullets) reach a showable age?

7. Are Rosecombs difficult to breed? I've heard that they can have poor fertility and weak chicks. Are there any special things to do when incubating Rosecomb eggs?

Along with answers to the above questions, I would love any other info about the breed that someone could provide. Thanks to anyone who responds!
Well, I got a nice informative post on the Rosecomb thread.
But I would still love to hear other peoples' experiences/opinions!

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