she really a Wyandotte???


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7 Years
May 2, 2012
This is Rosemary, and she was sold as a Wyandotte, but has a white spot on her head like a Barred Rock...yes, we are Very new to all this, and really appreciate your help and input!! :)
That looks like a barred rock to me. Wyandottes have rose combs, yours has a single comb. IF this chick did have a rose comb, I would have said it was a Dominique...they look very much like barred rocks but have rose combs.
We wondered- we were looking at pictures of breeds, and we both thought she looked a lot like a Barred Rock, and the white spot was very suspicious too. The sad thing is that she was bought at a 'farm store', and if she's a Barred Rock, they obviously had the wrong sign up!! *sigh*...the good thing is that Barred Rocks seem to be great birds. :)
looks like a barred rock to me and I would venture to say it could be a roo as well
I was thinking the same thing. The comb looks pretty pink for such a little guy and the feathering is awfully light. He may need a new name!

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