Rosie limping


6 Years
Jun 24, 2013
Buna, TX
My 18 week old production red pullet, Rosie, has been keeping her right leg held up a bit recently, and yesterday she had a full blown limp.

When she walks at a nirmal speed, no limp. When she runs, she limps terribly.

No bumblefoot.
No swelling.
No wounds.
No breaks.
No slipped tendons.
No dislocations.
No discoloration.

She is her normal grumpy self, eating, drinking, and griping at everyone ("BAAAAAAAAWWWWWWK!")

She roosts just fine too. She keeps looking between her toes but close inspection with an LED light didnt reveal anything. Shes pretty picky anyway-she hates her feet to be dirty. Wet grass stuck to her foot a few weeks ago and i thought something was killing her. She flopped around yanking the grass clod off like a maniac. She does the same thing if she gets her feet wet and walks through dirt. (Perhaps i should invest in shoes for her...)

Should i be concerned or just keep an eye on...well....whatever it is?

I could not just end up with a NORMAL chicken, i had to get the one that wants a pedicure every week (the only time she likes being handled is when i trim her toenails. Been like this the entire 13 weeks i have owned her, minus the limp.)
Since she is getting around okay she should be fine. If it is really bothering her I would put her in a crate inside the coop or run with the other birds. Give her vitamins in her water. She probably has sprained it jumping off a roost.

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