Roster ? Or my Hens are not ready?


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Sep 7, 2014
I have 4 Welsummers and they are about 6 months old but haven't laid any eggs yet. I've put some hay in their homes and gave them some clams but nothing. I even put fake eggs in the nest but the walk around the nest peck them and carry on their way. I've posted before but it seems people are telling me it can take a while for them to lay!
They are very noisy hens the past 2 days and their rear ends seem to look puffy lol. *reminder I'm new to This!* So any info will be highly appreciated!

Fear not - here is a good illustration on the differences that should lay your mind at ease:

However - given the immense floppy combs and what appears to be white ear lobes showing I think you may have light brown leghorns rather than welsummers
Sorry - meant to include this - leghorns have pretty distinct gender differences that are readily seen at this age just as welsummers do in regards to the pattern/color -- so your girls are still girls, even if they aren't what you thought they were

Oh thank goodness I thought I had roosters!!! Leghorns you say? Hmm I've been told Welsummers from just 3 people. I've gotten them from my sons grandfather since these 4 weren't getting along with the other hen I took them in since he wanted to let them run away in the woods
. They are white ear lobes and I see the feathers are green in the back my are not more of a dark brown / light brown
These two are quite commonly mixed up. The downside is that instead of your beautiful dark eggs you'd expect from a Welsummer, you'll be getting white eggs.
*sigh* well a egg is a egg. My son will be happy with any egg at that lol.

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