Rotten eggs?

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    This is my first hatch in two years. I have only hatched three times before, but always had good success, even with shipped eggs. I used my neighbors reeeeeeeeeally old incubator, but it worked great!

    Fast forward to now, and I bought an Hovabator with the turner, etc. The temperature gauge does seem way says 94 when the extra internal thermometer reads 100. I calibrated the internal thermometer based off of one that I have that I know works.

    So I've been nervous that maybe the temps are wrong, because almost all the 34 eggs I set on the 14th have died. Granted, about 8 were infertile. I got 12 of them from a neighbor and so far all of his have become rotten over the past two weeks. I have never experienced this so far! 10 of the 12 were fertile and started growing, but they all pooped out, ending today with chicks that looked exactly on track for development, but were stinky and had brown goo.

    So what is going on? Are they infected? I've taken them out as they die, but the incubator doesn't smell so great and I'm worried it is killing the other eggs, too, even though they don't stink.

    Today on day 14, it looks like maybe 5 (of my own eggs) are still kicking. I'm going to incubate only my own eggs next time, but can anyone offer advice about why all of his eggs were nasty?? How would they start growing , and live so long, and then die? :(

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    Were the eggs clean when you set them? Did you wash them before setting them? The only thing I can think off is that bacteria got into the eggs and made them go off. Have a look here through this troubleshooting guide also:

    Hopefully it will help you figure this out.

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