rotting beaks

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    Dec 16, 2009
    update - thanks to all who responded. To put everyone at ease, they both seem to be very happy, and otherwise healthy. They eat well, they are very friendly and inquisitive, so I don't think this is life-threatening. I just think it is a slow progression and I hope to be able to stop it.

    They are also still very young. I got them in Sept and they were not full grown - still had some down. But they have not layed eggs, so I am wondering if this is something that would prevent them from laying.

    I think the guy was trying to get rid of them though.

    I think they are Rhode Island reds.

    Thanks again!

    Hi, a novice here.

    I have two hens that seem to be suffering from the same thing. They are about 5 months old, no eggs yet. When we bought them, I asked what was wrong with one whose top beak was broken and curving up. He said they sometimes they break them off (the guy lied to us about a number of things, including saying that one had already started laying - hum, think he was trying to get rid of her?). Since then Gertie's beak has basically rotted away, and now her nostrils are clogged with gunk - yellowish/brown. Our other one of the same breed now seems to be doing the same thing...her top beak is broken at the tip and it seems to be wearing away. Is this a disease? Is this a bacteria? Any treatment? Both are eating fine, and don't seem to have any behavioral problems.

    Can anyone tell me the breed? I don't believe the guy who sold us the 4 hens - one of which is now a rooster.

    Thanks for your help! Dianne


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  2. Buff Hooligans

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    Jun 11, 2007
    Does anybody know if anything can be done for these hens? They deserve a chance.
  3. usschicago1

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    Aug 11, 2009
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    They both look sick
    The bottom one has something starting on its comb
    I dont know whats going on, but i know someone her must :)
  4. Brindlebtch

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    Apr 15, 2009
    It looks like they had their beaks trimmed and they are wearing down. I don't know about the gunk. Maybe a verteran on the board will weigh in.
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    Are they eating and drinking? Is it some kind of infection from the de-beaking? Poor things look terrible. I have no idea but hopefully someone will see this soon!!
  6. farrier!

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    Feb 28, 2009
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    Sure does look like a terrible job of debeaking.
    Antibiotics to clear up the infections????
  7. chickendude

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    Jun 4, 2009
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    Not sure about the beaks. But I believe you have Rhode Island Reds
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    Sep 11, 2008
    As for the breed I am not sure since all I can see is their heads, but from what I can see the three most likely things that come to my mind are RIR ( Rhode Island Red ) , New Hampshire Red Or Production Red....... but that is about every thing we can tell you without seeing the whole bird. Could you take another picture showing more of the birds ?
  9. speckledhen

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    That looks like infection that came out of the nostrils and solidified to me, but could be wrong. Geez, debeaking is just disgusting, isn't it?
  10. I am guessing they looked like this when you bought them ?

    If so, you bought production RIRs that have been "debeaked". They are probably not going to lay for you since they most likely have stopped laying and this is why they were sold.

    I bought ONE like this a year ago and she is still with me. NO EGGS, but she has a very nice retirement here.

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