Rouen and Pekin Flock - aggression and behavioral issues.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by MotherDucker30, Aug 8, 2013.

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    Aug 8, 2013
    So my boyfriend wanted to raise baby chicks about a year ago, but being that we stay on the same property as his parents, his mom did not want the chickens because they tear up the garden and landscaping. So we got 9 newly hatched ducks, Rouen and Pekin and mixed of the 2 breeds. Fast forward to when the ducks are closer to full size, we moved them out of the chicken coop and into their own pen in the pasture by the pond. We had 4 males and 5 females once we were able to tell the sex. One male and one female were taken by predators, and one female was drowned by 2 drakes. I adopted a lonely Pekin Drake from a friend and he paired off with one of the females. They ended up having 8 ducklings, 2 of which did not make it, among others that did not make it through hatching.

    I have 2 Pekin Drakes which are for the most part, sweet and gentle. And 2 Rouen Drakes who are rather aggressive. From what I can tell from the reading and research that I have done,out of the ducklings, all but one are female. One of the Rouen drakes is constantly terrorizing all of the other ducks. He chases them, rips out their feathers and rips off their skin leaving scabs. He will not let any ducks in the pond and won't let most of them eat. He chases them, tries to force himself on them, pins them, almost drowns them half the time. I want to get rid of him, for the sake of the other oversexed females and all the new ducks.

    For now, The ducklings are being housed with the mother at night.

    My boyfriend thinks we can just throw them all in one pen and they will "work it out". I disagree. I've been trying to read and find as much information as I can about raising ducks, their behavior and managing them. Everything I have found thus far says to cull the problem ducks. I don't really want to give the duck to someone else just for them to have the same issue with the duck being an @$$hole. This duck is just a jerk, he is so mean, I almost think he's evil?

    Can I get some advice? I know that even with the amount of females we have, we need more. And if I get rid of the one aggressive Rouen, is the other Rouen just going to step up and take the place of @$$hole duck?

    I've seen how they are when they mate, they try and hold the females heads under, it's horrific. They already drowned one of my girls a while back, and they pick on the black and white girls, and seem to worship the brown ones. Does anyone know why that is?

    The white ones are so much more gentle and caring, they even try to work together to keep the girl's head above water, and they aren't so mean and relentless. I'm going out of my mind! Please any help would be so greatly appreciated! I want my babies to be safe and feel that way too.

  2. Kill the rouens. Keep 1-2 Pekin drake.
    Now, I didn't read the entire story but yes, you need more hens or less drakes. Personally, if the rouens are aggressive butcher and have a nice feast, or get like 10 more hens.
    1-2 drakes will be fine, ESP if they are friendly now, they'll most likely stay friendly. No, a drake doesn't have to be a @$$hole to be a good drake. Right now I have a sweety drake, and before I had an @$$hole drake... To humans. He loved his hens and never hurt them, ever.
    So yes, kill the rouens or sell them, and keep the Pekins. If 2 drakes start fighting or Gang raping, then stick to 1.
    Best of luck.
    Oh, and yes, sell the aggressive duckling
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    Biology is the reason why they do what they do! The only solution is fewer drakes and -NO-- They will not just "work it out." Well I guess they might, be your ducks are likely to suffer as a result. I've read many other threads that have said essentially that mean has no place in any flock, so if I were you I would choose the drake(s) to keep based on personality first. But be aware, the drake that you are calling "@$$hole" might be a perfectly fine **only drake in the flock. More than one drake always leads to drama and imbalance in the flock in my experience. I advise 4-5 ducks per drake... I think I missed the aggressive duckling part, I've never seen an aggressive duckling.
  4. MotherDucker30

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    Aug 8, 2013
    I thought maybe he would be okay as the head honcho, but he is only nice to one of the brown ones, and none of the others. I'm not sure about the aggressive duckling part, there is no aggressive duckling in my flock, but the previous poster also did not read the entire post so maybe got confused? I don't really understand their response....Thank you!
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    until you can re home the one drake that's causing the all the trouble I'd separate him from the others with his own food and water. Then work real hard to place him in a home with only females or butcher him. but be sure to tell new owners of his past. Drakes can learn to avoid each other and live in relative harmony I have seen it here with 4 drakes and 12 ducks but they have to have plenty of room and no one be so aggressive that they are causing injury or total unpleasantness to the rest of the flock. So not fair to the flock as a whole.

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