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Jul 30, 2009
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I'm compiling a brief breed index for an article I'm preparing for a national rural living magazine. For each breed of duck that I'm including, I'm listing data such as egg laying ability, foraging ability, mothering ability, etc. I want to also include brief personal notes from owners, the sort of things you would only learn by raising them yourself or that are unique to that breed--for instance, the sense of humor and wide range of colors available for Runners, the calm temperament of the pekin, and so on. I have personal experience with many breeds, or I have contacts with personal experience, but I need help with rouens and appleyards. If you raise one of these breeds and are interested in contributing, please either post here or send me an email (heather at careyhead dot net) answering the following questions:

Your name (first and last):
Your location (city and state):
Name of your farm (if you have one--leave blank otherwise):
Breed you are commenting on:
Breed notes:

The other breeds I'm listing are: khaki campbell, magpie, Runner, pekin, Blue Swedish, Muscovy, and Welsh Harlequin. If you have something you'd just really like to say about one of these breeds, please feel free to do so, and I may include it. I like to have a variety of voices and experiences in my work. Also, if there is another productive breed that you raise and are especially attached to, please feel free to petition for its inclusion!
Just be aware that the article focuses on birds for production, so I am unlikely to include purely ornamental breeds.

I really very much appreciate all the help I receive from you guys. The article is tentatively scheduled for Jan/Feb 2011, and I will let you know which magazine and the exact publication date when it comes out, so you can take a look. Some of your names are likely to be in it!



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