Round 2 of Voting for the Norfolk Eaglets is open!

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    Who's still keeping up with the Norfolk Eaglets, who are now residing at the Virginia Wildlife Center after their Mom eagle was killed by a plane?
    As some of you know, thanks to all of the tremendous responses from the eaglet fans, The Virginia Wildlife Center AND Norfolk Botanical Gardens both won $25,000 in the Chase Giveaway!

    Round 2 of voting for the Chase $$$ has begun. Please visit the link below & follow the directions posted there to vote for the Virginia Wildlife Center and for Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Both are wonderful organizations that do a LOT to help wildlife - including those beloved eaglets!

    Right now VWC is only 84 votes out of 1st place but we have a long way to go as voting doesn't end until May 25th. So please get the word out to anybody you know who would vote for them. On their link is also 2 videos explaining what they would do with the $500,000. Even if they don't get 1st place, they still can get a chunk of change so all votes count!
    Thank you!!!

    edit to add: there are 2 excellent videos at the bottom of the above listed link explaining what they would do with the $$$ if they won.
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