Roundworm! A few questions

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    Apr 24, 2008
    We found a roundworm in the pen yesterday [​IMG] My mom took the worm into a vet that I really don't trust. He gave her pills, it doesn't read the full name on the bottle [​IMG] I have never seen a bottle of pills without the full name on it. I have read online quite a few places that what is used is meds you mix into their water Piperazine??? (not sure how to spell it) The vet also said it is ok to eat the eggs. Is this true? Even if it is, I don't think I can do it [​IMG] We did only find one worm and looked through other poops and didn't find any. So I think we caught it early. We are going to call our regular (trusted) vet on Monday, but I would like to know what you guys think. And now I have read that humans can be infected too. I am really freaking out now.
    To sum up: 1. What meds should be used. 2. Can you eat the eggs? 3. Is it likely that we will catch them? Should we go to the doctor?
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    Wazine is the product you are thinking of that has the pip(sp) in it. It kills roundworms, found at most feed stores and you add it to their water. As with any meds, it is safer to wait on eating eggs but I believe Wazine is said to be safe. Follow instructions on the bottle. Best wishes
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    Wazine 17 (piperazine) is for treating adult round worms.
    and is said to be safe.
    it comes in a liquid to be mixed with drinking water.

    it does come in pill form..
    McMurray's hatchery sells it as "Worm-off Piperazine Tablets"

    if you're concerned about what the pills are..
    call the vet and ask.'s always best to have a reasonable withdrawal time for any meds.
    you can feed the eggs back to the chickens.

    just wash your hands after handling the chickens.

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